Norway is a paradise for those who love country-style parks & recreation. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque playground, a bigger backdrop with several sports fields and courts in one park, or acres of natural area with wildlife to watch for, we’ve got it.  We’ve also got trails connecting several of our parks and other recreational spaces.  Ours is a perfect place for just about any outdoor activity. 

This page takes you through a pictured listing of parks and other areas to visit, which are listed alphabetically.  If you think something should be added to this list, please do let us know

Find information on hunting and fishing in our area, guidelines from the City, County, and State regarding Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) use, and a recreation map of the City of Norway.

Check out our Forestry & Spring Planting Program page, too, where you can find information on local forestry management.  Participants in Norway's Spring Tree-Planting Program can have a tree planted in one of our community parks for a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE fee.

Survey     The attached Parks and Recreation survey is meant for all members of the family. Public Participation will help us with our 5 year update plans for our city's parks. Please take a few minutes to fill one out, your opinion matters.
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Piers Gorge

There is now an attendant regularly staffing the entrance to Piers Gorge.
  This is a part of Piers Gorge becoming one end of what will be the new Menominee River State Recreation Area.  This area is in its beginning stages, and updates on its development will be shared as they become available.  This project is expected to have a positive impact on public safety and on our local economy.  We appreciate your cooperation with our new Piers Gorge staff.
  Click here for more information.

Band Shell Park

Band Shell Yard
Tim Kamppinen Photography
The 30-member Norway City Band, formed in 1882, is the oldest band in the State of Michigan to perform on a consecutive yearly basis.  The Band Shell, located alongside City Hall at 915 Main Street, is where the City Band plays regularly from June to August every year. The band shell hosts many other musicians, too.  'Music in the Park' is played here each summer, lining up a different artist or group just about every week.  View this summer's Music in the Park schedule.  The band shell is also played in during the annual Leif Erikson Fall Festival. (Leif Erikson weekend is one of Norway's biggest and best events; interested in helping us pull it off?)  The mural inside the shell depicts a Viking ship braving stormy waters.  Installed bench seating can accommodate about 60.

City Loop Linear Park

Loop Run Strawberry Lake
The Loop is a paved, non-motorized trail system connecting Strawberry Lake (shown above) to Third Ward Park, to Hanbury Lake, to the Norway Myr, to Band Shell Park, to Sledding Hill Park, to Norway Hill Park, and back to Strawberry Lake Park.  City streets help make this four-mile path a loop.

Dickinson County Fairgrounds

Skerbeck Carnival
Carnival entertainment at the Dickinson County Fair is provided by Skerbeck Carnival; logo above by Skerbeck Carnival, from
Norway Speedway
Visit for racing details.
Home to both the Dickinson County Fair held every Labor Day weekend, and the weekly stock car races held each summer.  Direct questions about the fairgrounds to Groundskeeper John Degenaer ("DEG-ner") at 906-563-9586.
Look for our booth in the exhibition building!
Fumee Lake Natural Area
Fumee Lake
Mary Spera
Fumee is open year-round for non-motorized activities (hiking, biking, birding, horseback-riding, kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing).  This peaceful, pristine natural area is 500 acres of lake surrounded by 500 acres of land, preserved by the City of Norway and the dedicated members of the Fumee Lake Commission.  Many species of rare plants and wildflowers, as well as over 40 species of birds and waterfowl, inhabit the area.  See nesting eagles, osprey, loons, and ducks while you walk; there are ten miles of trails here.  Find Fumee off US 2, west of Norway.  Parking and vault toilets are available.  Like Fumee on Facebook!

Hanbury Lake Park

Mary Spera
Located in the City of Norway, Hanbury is a 28-acre city-owned park featuring 3,720 feet of lake frontage, a public fishing site with a boat launch, horseshoe courts, a playground, field space, and modern restrooms.  Catch largemouth and crappie with only electric motors; no gas-powered craft.  Hanbury also hosts an annual fishing derby.
Iron Mountain Iron Mine
Registered Historic Site

Big John
The old iron ore mine is open seasonally.  Meet Big John, pictured left, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Memorial Day Weekend through October 15th, nine miles east of Iron Mountain on Highway US 2 in the town of Vulcan, Michigan.

Telephone (906) 563-8077
 Off-Season (906) 774-7914
  P.O. Box 177
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Ride through 2,600 feet of tunnels,
400 feet below the earth's surface!

 Receive a free iron ore sample at the Gift and Rock Shop, and before you go, visit to print a coupon for $1.00 off a guided tour of the mine.

Jake Menghini Historical Museum

Original Museum
The original Jake Menghini Historical Museum, courtesy of the museum.
Jake Menghini Historical Museum
The current Jake Menghini Museum; taken by Tim Kamppinen Photography.
This log museum sits in the City, holding hundreds of artifacts and photographs relevant to the culture and history of our area.  The museum also holds creative events and fundraisers throughout the seasons, and participates in the Leif Erikson Fall Festival.  Museum memberships are available, proceeds of which help support the continued collection and research of what shapes how we live today; a profoundly important endeavor. 

For more information, contact Museum Director Cris Hamlin at 906-563-5586 or  Visit the museum at 105 O'Dill Road.  Ms. Hamlin's office hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Knights' Kingdom

Mary Spera
Knights' Kingdom is a playground that's part of Strawberry Lake Park.  Kids playing here can dangle their legs over regular swings or a handicap option, twist down slides, cross swinging bridges and scale tire ones, find their way through this little kingdom's maze castle, and fly across a zip line.  The playground is floored with wood chips, with benches and picnic tables present.  Part of a walking trail winds around the playground's wooden fence, making for beautiful scenery when joggers and walkers circle their way around children at play.  ('s an insider's hint:  The maze castle is a perfect place to play hide and seek.)       

Lake Mary Park

Lake Mary 3
Tim Kamppinen Photography
Dickinson County-owned, this park is situated on the 255-acre Lake Mary, which is one of the links comprising the Hamilton Chain of Lakes.  The park is made of a swimming beach, public boat landing, fishing site, picnic area, and playground.  Cabins and cottages reside not far from the park, this chain of lakes being home to seasonal and year-round residents as well as vacationers.
Marion Park
Photo by Mary Spera
Norway's largest park, Marion sits on the south end of the City.  She waits with three baseball, two soccer, and one multipurpose field, four lit tennis courts (soon to double in number), volleyball and horseshoe courts, two grade-level pavilions, tabled picnic and recreation areas, children's playground with multilevel equipment, accessible restrooms, storage building, and a concession building.  The tail of the City Loop links the Marion Park complex to downtown, providing walking and biking access.  Marion is located south off US 8. 

Menominee River State Recreation Area;
Piers Gorge Unit

Saunja Morgan at Piers Gorge 2015
Norway resident Saunja Morgan, at Piers Gorge; photo by Jason Morgan.
The Piers Gorge Unit of the Menominee River State Recreation Area represents an exciting partnership between Michigan and Wisconsin, the two states collaborating on the planning, development, and management of a new public recreation area on the Menominee River.  This area encompasses approximately 9,700  acres of undeveloped lands along 17 miles of the Menominee River, stretching from Piers Gorge near Norway, Michigan and Niagara, Wisconsin to Quiver Falls near Faithorn, Michigan.

The management plan for the park is a cooperative effort between both Michigan's and Wisconsin's DNR.  With public ownership on both sides of the river, this joint management plan will  help create a "one place, one feel" experience. The combined undertaking will give both states a unified approach that will, with citizen and community input, result in a strategy that protects natural resources while addressing recreation and tourism needs and opportunities that can have a positive impact on local economy.

In order to be successful in our planning process, we need your input. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul Curtis at

For more information on the planning process, visit the website below:
Norway Hill Park
Surrounded by neighboring homes, the park at the top of Norway Hill is a small, unfenced area.  Several playground apparatuses appropriate for young children, along with picnic tables, make this a cozy way for little ones to play--while hardly leaving the backyard. 
Norway Mountain

Norway Mountain
Ski season runs from around Thansksgiving to around Easter.  Norway Mountain's 160 ski-able acres are waiting to show you and your family a flurry of fun.  They've reopened after a few seasons of being very much missed, matched advertised prices and promotions of nearby Ski Brule and Pine Mountain, developed some delectable dishes for you to enjoy at Summit, the resort's restaurant, and installed new LED lighting in order to hold night ski hours.  Keep an eye on their website for the latest on night skiing. 

Norway Mountain; Get yeti for a great time!
N2090 Brier Mountain Road, Norway, MI 49870
Ski you soon!
The Yeti of Norway Mountain
The Mountain's Yeti is dedicated, to say the least, venturing out in summer weather!  This is him, making an appearance in our Independence Day parade--he must have had to shave most of that mane off, to stay cool, but was still sporting his white fur and signature thumbs-up!
Norway Myr
Photo by Mary Spera
The Norway Myr (pronounced "meer") is a wetland open to the public.  Part of the City Loop runs through a section of the myr, for easy on-foot access.  The myr contains creek, plantlife, natural wildlife, and viewing stations from which to watch for the creatures inhabiting it.
Norway Spring
Registered Historic Site

Photo by Tim Kamppinen Photography
Norway's water has award-winning taste--no, really!  Known miles around for its purity and superior taste, our water won a 2006 Regional Water Taste-off.  Its superb quality has not declined since.  Located just off US 2, Norway Spring is not hard to spot from spring to fall; for months straight, people are nearly constantly streaming in and out of the small area where the spring's fountain is found, filling up bottles and jugs of the summer's sweet relief, at least until it's time to fill them up again.

Available to the public from April to September, the cool, clear artesian spring water bubbles over the man-made rock topping the well from which it comes.  This well was formed in 1903 by a 1,094 foot shaft drilled by the Oliver Mining Company, who were searching for iron ore.

Oak Crest Golf Course
Oak Crest Clubhouse
Photo from

Rated one of the top five courses in the Upper Peninsula, Oak Crest is a public 18-hole course open from the 1st of April to mid-November, from daylight 'til dark.  Grounds are groomed into two cross-country ski trails in winter, weather permitting, and also host a clubhouse with bar and restaurant, along with full line pro shop.  Our driving range stays open 12 hours per day, with golf carts available.  Choose from 9- or 18-hole green fees.  Oak Crest is located off US 8, adjacent to Marion Park.  Call 906-563-9046, email, or visit their website.      

Oak Crest Layout

Piers Gorge

Piers Gorge Sign
Photo by Eye on Michigan
Look for this sign, waiting not far out of town on US 8.  Let the unpaved road lead you to its end, where this gorgeous place awaits.  Piers is a deep gorge cut by the Menominee River between Michigan and Wisconsin.  Granite boulders give the river its rush, helping to produce Class III rapids.  Piers Gorge was the site of the World Cup Kayak Races from 1983 through 1997.  Foot trails alongside the river offer a pathway filled with scenery, the piers and other gaps in the wood showing off the fast-moving water from many vantage points.  The setting holds remarkable beauty even in winter months, as can be seen in photos below.  Walk with us...
Entering - EoM
This small bridge marks the beginning of the trail; photo by Eye on Michigan.
Hike - EoM
Small hills make for a hike that's not too difficult, but does provide a nice way to put a little activity into your day; photo by Eye on Michigan.
Eye on Michigan
Look closely enough not to miss the finer details along the way; Eye on Michigan.
Watch your Step - EoM
But watch your step, too!  Old tree roots tangle their way across the ground, making for a tricky trail.  Eye on Michigan.
Gorgeous Gorge
Looking back and down from a short distance up the path; photo by   
Catch a view of the rafters sliding by; photo by Tarka's Whitewater Journey.
One of the best views.  You should see it as the sun is setting behind those trees in the back.  Photo by Pa-Pa in Moline, Illinois, on
Oh My God Gorge
Fall fire on the gorge's edge; photo by Zach Edlund.
Winter Glass on Piers Gorge
Winter glass on the gorge; photo by Greg Kretovic.
Sledding Hill Park
A local favorite when wintertime is here again, the Sledding Hill has served this community for years and years.  The area used spans several acres, located north of downtown on the west side of Norway Hill. 
Strawberry Lake Park
Photo by Mary Spera
Sitting peacefully at the north end of downtown Norway, this park is a popular little station off City Loop Linear Park, as well as a destination all its own for many residents.  One mile of pavement outlines small Strawberry Lake, passing Knights' Kingdom and other appealing sights, such as the petite pavilion shown above, along its way.  Strawberry Lake Park includes a walking trail, a canoe/kayak launch, two accessible fishing piers, a ball field, tables and benches, a BMX track, and two parking areas.  Accessible restrooms are next to the playground.  In the winter weather, the walking trail is utilized for cross-country skiing, and an ice-skating rink beside the lake is fashioned, while a warming house waits close by.  Skate your heart away from dawn 'til dusk--but the warming house may not hold the same hours!  This winter's warming house hours are from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.    
Third Ward Park
Hanbury Heights Park
Eye on Michigan
Hanbury Heights Park 2
Eye on Michigan
East of downtown, Third Ward Park is unfenced, with a paved basketball court, several pieces of play equipment, benches, and a roofed area with tables.  A small parking lot accompanies the park.
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