For information on utility service rates & fees, visit our Rates and Fees page on the left.

How do I have utility services installed, connected, corrected, transferred, or disconnected?

Call City Hall at 906-563-9961, extension 200, 201, or 202, for an appointment to be scheduled.  
*Use this same contact information to report frozen water service, frozen wastewater service, wastewater backup, etc.

I want to have utility services extended to the area where I live. Where do I start?

Contact Call City Hall at 906-563-9961. The City will consider feasibility, demand, and cost to determine if and when a project can begin, and to provide a price estimate if the project is possible at present.

Can I have a tree that is dead, dying, or close to cable or power lines near my home trimmed or removed?

Dead and dying trees will be trimmed and/or removed as time permits. If they pose a threat to safety, they will be prioritized.  If they do not, they will be addressed during the City's next round of tree management, or, homeowners themselves may have the tree(s) trimmed or removed; there are contractors in this area who can be hired to do this. 

Tree limbs in power lines will, of course, be treated by the City as a safety risk.  Please keep in mind that this is an immediate safety issue only if the tree is extremely close to, or touching, the line.  If there is one foot or more of space between the wood and the wire, do not be alarmed—and this will not warrant removal of the tree.  If you are concerned about limbs that are just inches away from a line, City staff can assess the level of safety risk and proceed accordingly. 

To report a tree-related problem, call 563-9961. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and participation in keeping our community healthy and growing.