Utility Billing

The City of Norway's Utility Billing Clerk performs clerical, secretarial, accounting, data processing, and other administrative duties in utility billing and other general public services, including answering phones, providing customer assistance, cashiering, and bookkeeping.

Position responsibilities
Position Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • All aspects of utility billing
  • Preparing composite reports from individual reports
  • Reviewing billing for correctness and accuracy and re-figuring bills which have been issued to customers improperly
  • Overseeing accuracy of meter readings and directing the rereading of meters where there appears to be an inconsistency between the readings for present and previous months
  • Administering city ordinances relating to utility services
  • Receiving the public and responding to citizen inquiries
  • Responding to employee inquiries
  • Referring citizens and employees to appropriate points of contact as necessary; Addressing citizens' complaints
  • Serving as cashier, including receipting of utility payments and various other payments, and posting monies to appropriate accounts
  • Setting up, closing and amending utility accounts
  • Preparing and monitoring work orders for utility service installment, connection, correction, transfer, disconnection, and other service requests
  • Pursuing collection of delinquent utility accounts, including preparation and mailing of final notices, disconnection and reconnection orders, establishment and monitoring of payment schedules, customer account follow-up, preparation of liens and write-offs, and appearance in court to testify on behalf of the City, when necessary
  • Processing meter read data
  • Preparing and mailing utility bills
  • Maintaining current customer account files
  • Assisting in reconciling utility billing activity with the general ledger
  • Registering voters. (View voting information.)
The office of the Utility Billing Clerk is located at City Hall.

Christine McMahon, Utility Billing Clerk

915 Main Street / P.O. Box 99
Norway, MI 49870-0099
Telephone:  1-906-563-9961, extension 201
Telefax:  1-906-563-7502