Hunting & Fishing

Bear Hunting 2
Photos above by Rod Cayemberg.
Hunting is huge here:  It's tradition, hobby, highlight of the season.  Much of our region's population is dedicated to the activity, keeping the pastime paramount to our present and future, and this is a favorite destination of nonresidents who travel here during open seasons for the hunting experience they just don't get anywhere else. 

Most of the hunting that happens in our area is deer-hunting, as there is an abundance of whitetail deer here; however, as shown in the photo above, we do have hunting seasons for other animals as well (and quite a few of them).  25,000 acres of State land and 1,000 acres of commercial land are open to the public for hunting.  Find information on licensed hunting seasons here.
Free Fishing Weekend Michigan
Fishing, too, is central to this area's history and culture, and we've got plenty of places to drop the line.  Creeks, lakes, rivers, and streams ensure no shortage of opportunities to hang your "Gone Fishing" sign.  The Menominee River, bordering Michigan and Wisconsin land, and the Sturgeon River, also flowing through the area, are Norway's largest providers of catching spots.  Norway-Vulcan itself has five lakes with public access.  Find information on all things fishing here.
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