Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Use
NOTE:  To operate an ORV in the City limits of Norway without a guardian you must be 18 years old or possess a valid driver's license and ORV Safety Certificate.  Violators will be cited with fines and fees in excess of $100.00.

Riding adjacent to the railroad tracks is trespassing on railroad property and subject to charges.

Many ordinances & maps are available in electronic form below.  Print copies of City ordinance & maps are available at the Norway Police Department during regular office hours.

Dickinson County offers many opportunities for ORV riders.  Whether you prefer a State-designated trail, shoulder of a county road, or forest path, there are a wide range of trail conditions and spectacular scenery to take on and take in.  The City of Norway does allow ORV riders to travel city streets; see the City's ordinance below for specifics.

Michigan ORV Handbook

Dickinson County ORV Ordinance

City of Norway ORV Ordinance

Norway ATV Trail Map; 27 miles for ORVs less than 50". 

Find links to Michigan's other ORV trail maps here.

Find links to Michigan's snowmobile trail maps here.

ATVs may be used on the sides of County roads.  This includes paved and unpaved.  You may cross State or US highways, but MUST come to a complete stop before crossing, and cross at a 90-degree angle.  Find more information on County roads here.

Guidelines for ORV Connector Routes on State Trunkline Highways

MDNR Designated ORV, ATV, Motorcycle, and MCCCT Trails

Regular ORV trail permits currently cost $26.25.  To also travel trails designated by the DNR, or scramble areas, your permit will cost an additional $10.00.  Both of these permissions and costs can be covered at once when purchasing your permit.   

They can be purchased locally at the following places.

Ed's Market, 1102 E. 7th Ave., Norway, MI 49870 
(906) 563-8801
*Can purchase permits only with cash here.

Hall's True Value Hardware, 544 Main St., Norway, MI 49870
(906) 563-9553 

Norway DNR Field Office, 520 W. US 2, Norway, MI 49870 
(906) 563-9247

Or, online.

Press Release
June 1, 2015
Contact: Cpl. John Morey, 989-619-3784

DNR reminds riders of safety tips during ATV Safety Week, June 6-14

As summer kicks off in Michigan, national ATV Safety Week (June 6-14) is a good opportunity for the Department of Natural Resources to remind riders of important safety tips that can help ensure a more enjoyable off-road experience.

“ATV riding continues to grow in popularity in our state, and it's important that riders observe safety at all times while on the trail and in the woods,” said DNR Law Enforcement Division Chief Gary Hagler. “These common-sense safety reminders can save lives and reduce accidents and injuries.”

Here are the DNR's top 10 safety tips for ATV riding:

  • Always wear a U.S. Department of Transportation-approved helmet, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, over-the-ankle boots and gloves.
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV, and no more than one passenger on an ATV specifically designed for two people.
  • Supervise riders younger than 16; ATVs are not toys.
  • Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed.
  • Take an off-road vehicle safety course or an online course. Visit the DNR website at michigan.gov/dnr and check for a course near you under the Education & Outreach menu.
  • Do a pre-ride check of your vehicle to make sure it is in proper working order. Pay close attention to the tires, making sure they aren’t low and don't have leaks. Low tire pressure can cause handling issues for your ORV.
  • Know your trail – study the map for where you are riding before you head out and become familiar with where the sharp curves are located.
  • Know where you’re riding – before heading out, make sure you know whether or not the county you’re riding in allows ORV use on county roads. Do not mistake state forest roads for county roads. Contact the county sheriff's department, road commission or county clerk’s office for information about each county's ORV ordinances. The DNR also keeps updated ORV maps on its website at http://1.usa.gov/19tmpgi.
  • ORVs primarily are designed for off-road use. Driving on paved surfaces is hazardous because of handling issues. Riding on paved roads is a common cause of ORV-related fatalities.

For a complete overview of ORV rules and regulations in Michigan, go to the Michigan ORV Handbook online at http://www.offroad-ed.com/michigan/handbook/book.html. If, while out riding, you encounter someone violating land-use rules for ORVs, please contact the DNR’s Report All Poaching law enforcement line at 800-292-7800.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. For more information, go to www.michigan.gov/dnr.