City Assessor

City Assessor

The City of Norway's Assessor manages information pertaining to property and tax assessment within City limits.

The City Manager addresses zoning, property development and land use activities, while the Chief of Police handles code enforcement.

Contact this office if you...
• need to find where property within City limits is located.
• need to find out who owns a property and how to contact them by mail.
• need to obtain the value or tax liability of a piece of property.
• need to know whether a property has a special assessment on it.
• are a first time home buyer and you need to fill out a homestead form.
• have purchased property and need to fill out a property transfer affidavit.
• have sold or bought on Land Contract and need to give a copy to the Assessor's office.
The city assessor assists people with information pertaining to property records.
• Legal descriptions
• State Equalized Value
• Taxable Value
• Square footage of a home
• Year built
• Lot size
• Other informational questions
• Location and maps of property, copies of assessment cards as needed
• Tax information for tax bills and millage rates
• Update property info with every deed recorded
• Change of mailing address per owner's request
• Holds Board of Review ONLY for clerical errors or mutual mistakes
• Defends appeals at the state level (Michigan Tax Tribunal)
• Issues a Change of Assessment Notice every year that the value changes
• Processing of personal property statements and maintenance of those values
• Maintenance of the IFT (Industrial Facility Tax Abatement) roll

Here are a few links that you may find helpful.  
Statewide Search for Subdivision Plats
Department of Treasury Individual Taxpayer Forms
Affidavit for Exemption of Property Taxes for Disabled Veterans
Land Division Form
FOIA Procedures

Below is the City's resolution that residents falling below State or Federal poverty lines may submit an application for tax exemption based on reasons of financial hardship.  Also below is that application, called the Hardship Exemption Application.
Poverty Exemption Resolution & Hardship Exemption Application

Visit Zoning and Permits, or our Code Enforcement Officer's page, for guidelines on projects carried out within City limits.

Or, jump to the Geographic Information System (GIS).

Jim Waisanen, 
 City Assessor

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(out of office 12-1pm) 

City Hall
915 Main Street 
P.O. Box 99
Norway, MI 49870-0099
1-906-563-9961, extension 203