Department of Power & Light / Electric Department

Department of Power & Light / Electric Department

Part of Norway Public Utilities, the Department of Power and Light (DPL) is home to the City's Electric Department. Located at 1000 Saginaw Street, DPL houses the workstation of the City's Electric Department, and warehouses the equipment needed by Electric Department staff. The Electric Department provides two crucial services to the community; the generation of, and the distribution of, power to homes and businesses.  Along with the Cable, Street, Water, and Wastewater Departments, the Electric Department is indispensable in maintaining our infrastructure. The City of Norway's Department of Power and Light houses its Electric Department, and oversees its Sturgeon Falls Hydroelectric Project, locally known as "the Hydro."

City of Norway's Renewable Energy Plan

City of Norway Department of Power and Light
P.O. Box 99 / 1000 Saginaw
Norway, MI 49870-0099
906-563-9641, extension 500

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