Piers Gorge

Piers Gorge

There is now an attendant regularly staffing the entrance to Piers Gorge.  This is a part of Piers Gorge becoming one end of what will be the new Menominee River State Recreation Area.  This area is in its beginning stages, and updates on its development will be shared as they become available.  This project is expected to have a positive impact on public safety and on our local economy.  We appreciate your cooperation with our new Piers Gorge staff.  Click here for more information.
Piers Gorge1
Photo by Eye on Michigan

Look for this sign, waiting not far out of town on US 8.  Let the unpaved road lead you to its end, where this gorgeous place awaits.  Piers is a deep gorge cut by the Menominee River between Michigan and Wisconsin.  Granite boulders give the river its rush, helping to produce Class III rapids.  Piers Gorge was the site of the World Cup Kayak Races from 1983 through 1997.  Foot trails alongside the river offer a pathway filled with scenery, the piers and other gaps in the wood showing off the fast-moving water from many vantage points.  The setting holds remarkable beauty even in winter months, as can be seen in photos below.  Walk with us...

Piers Gorge 2
This small bridge marks the beginning of the trail; photo by Eye on Michigan.

Piers Gorge 3
Small hills make for a hike that's not too difficult, but does provide a nice way to put a little activity into your day; photo by Eye on Michigan. 

Piers Gorge 4
Look closely enough not to miss the finer details along the way; Eye on Michigan.

Piers Gorge 5
But watch your step, too!  Old tree roots tangle their way across the ground, making for a tricky trail.  Eye on Michigan.

Piers Gorge 6
Looking back and down from a short distance up the path; photo by riversongs.wordpress.com.  
Piers Gorge 7
Catch a view of the rafters sliding by; photo by Tarka's Whitewater Journey.

Piers Gorge 8
One of the best views.  You should see it as the sun is setting behind those trees in the back.  Photo by Pa-Pa in Moline, Illinois, on buzzillions.com.

Piers Gorge 9
Fall fire on the gorge's edge; photo by Zach Edlund.

Piers Gorge 10
Winter glass on the gorge; photo by Greg Kretovic.