Zoning and Permits

Zoning and Permits

In order to complete certain projects in the City of Norway, you must have a zoning permit.  These permits can be obtained at City Hall, or by clicking on the 'Zoning Compliance Permit Application' link below.  

Please call City Hall at 906-563-9961, to make inquiries regarding permits.

This table shows whether you need a permit from the City of Norway and/or from Dickinson County to carry out the project you are planning.

  I want to build a... Do I need a Permit from the City?  (Cost is $20.00) Do I need a permit from the County?  
  new home. Yes. Yes.
  new addition. Yes. Yes.
  car port. Yes. Yes.
  garage. Yes. Yes.
  pool above / in ground. Yes. Depends on depth.
  fence. Yes. No.
  deck or porch. Yes. Yes.
  shed. Yes. Depends on size.

Here's how to proceed with your planning.  

Step 1:
Pick up or download and print the Zoning Compliance Permit Application, fill it out, and drop it off at City Hall eight to ten (8 - 10) days before you need action by the zoning administrator.

Step 2: 
Acquire any needed building permits from the Dickinson County Construction Code Commission in Iron Mountain.  Call their office at 906-774-4885.  

Step 3: 
If you are told that your application materials entail a variance, pick up or download and print the Norway Area Zoning Board of Appeals Application (or 'Variance Form').  Return the completed version to Norway City Hall.  

Norway Area Zoning Ordinance.  

Refer to the City's Official Zoning Map to find the zoning area to which your proposed construction site is assigned.  You can also visit City Hall to view a large print version of our map.
View our area's GIS Land and Property Tax Information.  Property tax and assessment inquiries go to Jim Waisanen (our City's Assessor).

See Administrative Fees to find all costs associated with the permits you need for your project.