Jake Menghini Historical Museum

Jake Menghini Historical Museum

The original Jake Menghini Historical Museum, photo courtesy of the museum.

The current Jake Menghini Museum; taken by Tim Kamppinen Photography.


The Norway City Band performing at the Museum.

The Norway-Vulcan area demonstrates a remarkable level of citizen engagement in organizations, volunteer work, and public events.  If you or someone you know is ap
plying to a school, or applying for a job, remember that many colleges, universities, and employers look for volunteer work on candidates' applications and resumes.  

This log museum sits in the City, holding hundreds of artifacts and photographs relevant to the culture and history of our area.  The museum also holds different events and fundraisers throughout the seasons, along with participating in the Leif Erikson Fall Festival.  Museum memberships are available, proceeds of which help support the continued research and collection of what shapes how we live today; a profoundly important endeavor.  At 105 O'Dill Road, the museum welcomes you on the right of US 2, heading east and entering Norway.  Contact Museum Director Ms. Cris Hamlin at 906-563-5586. Ms. Hamlin's office hours are on Mondays and Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Visit their website at www.norwaymuseum.org.

If you're a community member with an interest in the Jake Menghini Historical Museum, or simply in trying something new, consider becoming one of next summer's tour guides.  Contact Ms. Hamlin at 906-563-5586 or jakeslemusee@gmail.com. She is also at the museum every Monday and Tuesday from 10am-4pm if needed.

Tour are given May 31st - September 29th on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from 1-4 CST. 

 $10.00 for an Annual Membership  
 $100.00 for a Lifetime Membership  
 Memberships as a gift are available. 
$5.00 per adult 
Children thru senior in High school - FREE
Watch for more upcoming events hosted by the museum to appear on Norway's homepage Community Calendar...