Are you a prospective visitor or future resident?  We would love to welcome you.  Allow us to introduce our community...

Atop Norway Hill; taken by Mary Spera.
Fumee Lake; photo by Mary Spera.

Who We Are
This is the place where you and your family can find everything you need.  We are a small community with big benefits, the best of them being extraordinary quality of life.

Need to get away?  Come visit us.  
Whether you’re looking for our largest multipurpose park, a picturesque playground, or acres of unharmed wilderness, we’ve got it.  There are also trails connecting several of our parks and recreational places.  Ours is a perfect place to be for just about any outdoor activity; or for just lounging, without the clamor of the big city.  Check out our Parks and Recreation page for a listing of local attractions.

Mary Spera

How does your town's water taste? 
Ours won an award in a 2006 Regional Water Taste-Off.  Well-known for its purity and superior taste, our water is a delightful complement to Norway’s natural beauty.

Tim Kamppinen Photography

The landscape that we see as the seasons change is often, simply put, breathtaking.  Fall is an especially gorgeous time here.  It’s the simple pleasures that make Norway a great setting in which to raise healthy families, engage in a cohesive community, and celebrate our exceptional space.

Mary Spera

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide essential services to the residents of our community, ensuring continuation of our quality of life. The City of Norway administers to its residents the following utility services, water, wastewater, electricity, telephone, television, and internet. This means that the City meets very nearly every need its citizens have.

We also generate our own power, by way of the Sturgeon Falls Hydroelectric Project (power dam).  That's right; the process by which we harness energy is environmentally friendly.  At its peak, “the Hydro” produces more power than is used by Greater Norway. We utilize our natural resources and our natural talents for the good of our place and the people it belongs to.